Separating the developer from homeowners associations
There will be some conflicts of interest, but its worst influences can be lessened
Kenya Association of Manufacturers Lobbies for a Circular Economy from Waste Management
Last week, the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) held a virtual meetup with the local blogging community for an interactive session that was also broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook. The meet was held alongside the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and sought to highlight the expansion of the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CEEC) […]
Which companies in Europe are cutting jobs because of COVID-19?
About 397,000 people in the European Union lost their jobs in April, according to data from the EU's stats agency,
Indian Railways private trains project sees big interest! Bombardier, GMR among 16 firms who attended meet
The national transporter has invited 12 Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for private participation in the operation of passenger trains.
How small businesses have dealt with the crisis
Pandemic veterans
Fresh job creation by Amazon! E-commerce giant sets up 10 new warehouses, to create thousands of jobs in India
Amazon’s investments have enabled nearly 7,00,000 jobs over the last seven years in India.
Recycling Brick Constructions in the UK: 14 Building Restorations and Extensions
The use of brick plays a very important role in the architectural history of the United Kingdom. Construction techniques that involve brick and stone...
After Spotify and Netflix, Indonesia eyes VAT collection from other tech firms
The Taxation Directorate General is in talks with several more technology firms to collect value-added tax (VAT) on sales after recently imposing such rules on six firms, including Amazon and streaming platform Netflix.
Japanese government's digital ambitions still stuck in piles of paper
Two decades after Japan rolled out an ambitious plan to go digital, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed the government's deeply rooted technological shortcomings as ministries remain stuck in a paper-driven culture that experts say is hurting productivity. While Tokyo has made "digital transformation" its main policy plank this year, the…
Which companies in Europe are cutting jobs because of COVID-19?
About 397,000 people in the European Union lost their jobs in April, according to data from the EU's stats agency,
New Fintech Platforms and P2P Lenders are Creating Challenges for Regulators, as they Need to Develop Appropriate Guidelines: Report
New Fintech platforms and P2P lenders are creating challenges for regulators, as they need to develop appropriate guidelines: report.
Bloomin' Brands CEO says beef and seafood costs are falling, an 'opportunity' for its restaurant chains
"We're finding that beef costs, seafood costs are actually coming down and something that we can take advantage of," Bloomin' Brands CEO Dave Deno told CNBC.
Angus Kebbell explores how land use diversification can build up the value of a farming enterprise and make it a more attractive business when succession options are needed
Angus Kebbell explores how land use diversification can build up the value of a farming enterprise and make it a more attractive business when succession options are needed
Here are 5 ways in which investors can value company based on fundamental factors
From a practical perspective, this shows the metrics that would influence valuation 1) Importance of Cash Flows vs Profits 2) Growth 3) Return on Invested Capital, 4) Discount Rate, and 5) Capital Structure.
Weekly dossier: Ridham Desai, Neelkanth Mishra, Raamdeo Agrawal and others on markets, economy, art of investing
The Indian market continued to rise in sync with global peers as hopes of a vaccine for COVID-19, economic recovery and liquidity gush keep sentiment aloft.
Here’s how a new wealth tax could work in South Africa
Given the state of the South African economy and the shortfall of tax collection, questions are being raised as to whether wealthy South Africans should pay a little more.
Mindspace Business Parks REIT IPO opens on July 27; here are 10 things you should know
Mindspace has so far raised Rs 2,643.74 crore from strategic and anchor investors, which is 58.74 percent of the total issue size of Rs 4,500 crore.
Brian Brenberg: Democrats are using coronavirus stimulus as opportunity to push their big-government agenda
The pandemic presented a need for temporary government help, not an invitation to re-brand progressive economics as crisis relief.
Mylab to scale up production of COVID-19 testing kits with funding from DBT
The company has recently launched a molecular laboratory machine, Compact XL, that can manufacture various reagents as well as perform many molecular tests in a single machine unit.
If you've ever been interested in real estate investing you should check out this expert led training
Nearly three-quarters of all the rental properties in the U.S. are owned by private individual investors. And while around two-thirds of all investors were primarily focused on the stock market in …
India introduces tough new rules for eCommerce platforms - country of origin a must
eCommerce platforms in India are under the purview of the consumer affairs department but in the past the government only issued advisories on do's and don'ts.
Coalition's survival depends on getting the schools open this autumn
If it fails it establishes a narrative of failure, and the public will lose confidence in its ability to govern
India becomes one of frontrunners in global effort to develop COVID vaccine
Work from Home Allowance? This Bengaluru-based company is offering benefits and bonus during WFH
This has brought the work at home standards very close to that of an office environment’s standards without hindering the home experience.
Boeing Co May Delay Bringing 777X Wide-Body Jet to Market for Up to a Year – Reports
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co may postpone bringing its new wide-body passenger jet, Boeing 777X, to market for several months, or even a year...
5 ways to transform employee experience during the Covid-19 crisis
The Covid-19 crisis has made the companies worry about the employees’ productivity and efficiency. The better way to go is to make them understand the company’s vision and business goals. The visibility of a clear vision makes the employees be more productive and pay more attention to their designated tasks.
IN FOCUS: Why are some retail tenants up against their landlords and can the relationship be mended?
SINGAPORE: In February, as bustling shopping malls in Singapore began to empty out due to the spread of a then little-known novel coronavirus, a ...
Wristband to detect coronavirus? IIT Madras startup raises Rs 22 crore for development of product
The wristband, developed by Muse Wearables, will be Bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to the smartphone via the Muse Health App
What would a wall of foreclosures do to home prices?
If a flood of mortgage foreclosures hits because of the coronavirus and related shocks to the labor market and economy in general, what will happen to home prices, especially in the middle of a housing shortage? It's complicated, but a working paper from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s Center for Financial Research takes a stab at some answers. The study, although it looks at a time of housing surplus due to a failed subprime mortgage system, which contributed to the shortage — suggests that when foreclosures spike, home prices are not necessarily local, local, local for each specific location, location, location, to borrow the armchair axiom for assessing the desirability of real estate.
New look for legislature grounds: more security and better seating
The grounds of the B.C. legislature are getting a new look to boost security and provide new places to sit and view the scenery. The plan includes new benches and other seating surrounding raised. . .
As McClatchy family begins separation from company, it looks to philanthropic support for local news
The McClatchys of Sacramento are separating from the newspaper company they have controlled for 163 years.
This week, Foster + Partners faced calls to drop an airport project as Apple pledged to go carbon neutral
This week, climate activists pressured Foster + Partners to pull out of an airport project while Apple committed to going carbon neutral by 2030.
This week in Auto: For Rahul Bajaj, e-meet is not as good as real AGM; Chandrasekaran warns of uncertainties at JLR
Here is a complete look at events that made headlines in the auto space during the week.
‘Bad Money: Inside the NPA Mess and How it Threatens the Indian Banking System’ review: A hundred cuts
How did Indian banking get saddled with massive non-performing assets?
India should play a larger role in Central America’s development and can offer security solutions, say experts
Inequalities, corruption and crime are the top priorities of almost all the countries of the isthmus, as well as key push-factors causing people to migrate towards the US.
Profit and risk in race for a vaccine
There's big money in creating the first COVID-19 vaccine. What will that mean for its safety?
Clean energy is not a done deal by any means
Amid the billions promised for green ventures, China and US may have other plans
Lenders are slowly starting to offer jumbo mortgages again
Lenders are slowly and selectively starting to underwrite jumbo mortgages again after all but abandoning the market as the pandemic got underway. Since February, jumbo mortgage originations have plunged 57 percent, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The once-robust market for jumbo loans, and some other types of loans, collapsed at the onset of the pandemic. Lenders worried about the ability of borrowers to repay their loans as unemployment skyrocketed. "There was no secondary market to purchase these loans and the banks can only hold so many on their balance sheets," says Mitch Ohlbaum, real estate broker and president of Macoy Capital in Beverly Hills, California.
Everybody wants a piece of TikTok, but ByteDance is wise to hold on
Selling TikTok now might help Chinese owners ByteDance avoid a perilous path forward as the U.S. government makes noises about a crackdown or ban. But it would also potentially cost ByteDance enormous future profits.
Past-Covid19 world: India to focus on self-reliance, as it moves to revamp its economy
At an interactive session organized by PHD Chambers, `'Role of Indian Economic Diplomacy in Making India Self Reliant' Rahul Chhabra, Secretary (ER), Ministry of External Affairs, said.
The supply chain to save the world is unprepared for a Covid vaccine
Freight companies face problems ranging from shrinking capacity on container ships and cargo aircraft to a lack of visibility on when a vaccine will arrive.
Crisis as a Catalyst for Change: Southeast Asia Is Digitizing Finances
Southeast Asia’s relations with open finance and emerging technologies have become more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic
There is one thing, that can avoid burnout while building a business
Frustration and even worse, a Burnout, mostly happens, when the reality doesn´t meet your expectations and you are overwhelmed with what you need to do, to change it.  When you are starting and building a business it is always about making money, more money. You need to find a profitable way to provide value, that […]
Spotting the Potential of NFTs in the Blockchain Gaming Industry
Polyient Games’ Craig Russo believes that the NFT market has come to represent one of the “most attractive opportunities” across digital assets
Hiring in a pandemic is not always as easy as it looks
Recruiters are deluged with applicants but few of those in secure work want to switch employers
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