To reduce world hunger, governments need to think beyond making food cheap
A new UN report shows that hunger and food insecurity are rising worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic is adding to this trend, but is not the major driver.
Africa can become a renewable energy superpower – if climate deniers are kept at bay
Nigel Lawson’s thinktank is pushing dirty energy on the continent with the greatest capacity for creating clean fuel
Nigeria must sustain ease of doing business reforms - Osinbajo
Mr Osinbajo spoke Tuesday at a virtual meeting of the PEBEC.
Now we must grow our way out of this debt
Australia is well-placed to take advantage of cheap funding because it kept its house in order in previous decades.
Surgeon General warns America needs to lower COVID-19 transmission rate before reopening schools and getting back to regular life - 'and people need to wear masks and social distance to make that happen'
Statistics show that as of Monday just 12 US states had a transmission rate - the average number of people each Covid-19 patient infects - below 1.0. Jerome Adams said it is the 'biggest determinant' .
This is why we don't need to panic about record budget deficits
The federal government has run budget deficits in more than 80 per cent of the years since federation.
This is why we don't need to panic about record budget deficits
The federal government has run budget deficits in more than 80 per cent of the years since federation.
This is why we don't need to panic about record budget deficits
The federal government has run budget deficits in more than 80 per cent of the years since federation.
One Economy Foundation hosts young entrepreneurs to rebuild capacity, confidence and capital
-The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected young entrepreneurs' mental health, entrepreneurship risk-taking and innovation to pursue future plans.
Income inequality will likely get worse due to the virus. This is what governments could do about it
As the situation deteriorates for low skilled and self-employed workers, international organizations expect income inequality to get worse in 2020 due to the coronavirus' crisis.
Greggs swings to £62m loss but is "optimistic" it can avoid job losses
Closure of chain's 2,000-store network has massive impact on company but it says it is back to nearly 75% of normal sales
Covid is unpredictable but responses should be to boost investment, demand: CII
The Confederation of Indian Industry has asked governments to standardise their responses based on certain thresholds that would trigger a certain action which would bring in a dimension of predictability and boost investment. It also suggested that containment zones be limited to micro areas to ensure that the supply chains function seamlessly across state and district boundaries.
LA could see wave of evictions if more protections not offered, UCLA study says
A UCLA study says renters in Los Angeles could be kicked out of their homes on a wide scale if the moratorium on evictions is allowed to expire without new measures to help tenants.
Economy may witness more pain as workers return and remittances fall
Getting back to their jobs abroad is uncertain for most workers now. This is particularly true for the Gulf region, from where over 60 per cent of India's remittances flow in
McDonald's customers changed their behavior during pandemic, but some trends could endure
McDonald's is seeing some consumer behavior trends reverse as lockdowns ease, but the fast-food giant thinks higher delivery orders and other buying patterns stick around long after the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus effect: What does it take to be rich? Less than before
Chalk up yet another way the COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and perceptions: The crisis has changed the way Americans view wealth. They believe that on average it takes $655,000 to be financially comfortable, down from $934,000 in January, according to Charles Schwab’s 2020 Modern Wealth survey. And they think the minimum benchmark to be considered wealthy is $2 million, down from $2.6 million in January. The survey of 1,000 Americans was conducted for Schwab by Logica Research June 25-July 2. “The drop in what Americans think it takes to be wealthy might be a result of people being more grounded about wealth perceptions and goals in such an uncertain environment and coming out of pretty significant market volatility and uncertainty in March and April," said Joe Vietri, Schwab’s senior vice president and head of its branch network.
Opinion: It won’t be popular, but we should scrap the homeowner tax break
A CMHC report on taxing home equity sparked anger, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing
Why Amazon may have the most to lose from tech’s Hill showdown
Jeff Bezos has spent the past five years trying to become a fixture in Washington — hiring President Barack Obama’s press chief, flooding the town with lobbying cash, buying The Washington Post, an…
Cumulative bonus to continue even if policyholder makes Covid- related claim
The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has upended the lives of many, exposing them to health and financial risks. The insurance regulator and industry have helped ease the policyholders’ financial bur
What designers need to know about the government’s changes to tax
HM Revenue & Customs has an ambitious plan to make filing tax returns digital – we’ve broken down what this means for designers.
Govt tells panel it has no money to pay states their GST share, raises alarm among Opposition
Three years since the grand launch of the GST regime in 2017, the government has for the first time admitted that it has no money to pay the state governments their share of GST revenues as was prescribed by the GST law.
City Chic boss says it's a 'nightmare' trying to make future decisions
The plus-sized retailer says a flexible supply chain is pivotal in the face of possible new COVID-19 restrictions.
France's crisis recovery may be better than expected, says central bank head
France's economic slump may not be quite as bad as forecast and activity in the euro zone's second biggest economy could return to pre-crisis levels in early 2022, the central bank governor has said.
Commentary: How many times must Japan be urged to step up COVID-19 testing?
Japan’s ultimate target should be to reopen the economy and to carry on normally as before, says an observer.
The coronavirus crisis is likely to push Indian states into $110 billion debt
With revenues dwindling at both the Centre and state levels, it will become necessary to borrow.
The worst might be over for the economy, but the future's not so bright, either
Most economists, including those at the White House, have been expecting that the brutal numbers would turn around in the third quarter. Those expectations are being tempered.
United warns it could furlough more pilots, extends voluntary leave deadlines
United Airlines is warning that it may need to furlough more pilots than expected due to persistently low demand, barring federal aid or concessions.
United warns pilots more furloughs may be needed than forecast, memo shows
United Airlines has told its pilots it may need to furlough more than originally planned this year and next due to the impact of a recent ...
RBNZ's Geoff Bascand doesn't want cliff end to mortgage repayment deferrals; Says the implementation of 'aspects’ of new bank capital rules shouldn't be further pushed out
RBNZ's Geoff Bascand doesn't want cliff end to mortgage repayment deferrals; Says the implementation of 'aspects’ of new bank capital rules shouldn't be further pushed out
Facebook says the ad boycott is having an impact, but you wouldn't know that looking at its forecast
Facebook said its third quarter ad revneue will be impacted by ad boycotts. But with a year-over-year ad revenue growth rate in the first three weeks of July in-line with the second quarter, the boycott doesn't seem to hurt much.
Building consents suggest the outlook for non-residential construction is not all doom and gloom
Building consents suggest the outlook for non-residential construction is not all doom and gloom
Reserve Bank to stay way from policies that have failed, historically: Kganyago
South Africa’s central bank will steer clear of policies that have failed throughout history as it continues supporting an economy devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, governor Lesetja Kganyago said.
Explained | Teacher, student, parent or regulator? Here are 3 things that will change under the National Education Policy
The National Education Policy 2020 will usher a slew of changes not just to the way academics is delivered but also in the areas of research and regulating bodies
Rainfall in Aug, Sept to be normal, says IMD; more area under kharif crops
Enthused by the initial good rains, farmers across the country have planted kharif crops in almost 14 per cent more area than the last year till July 31
You may have to soon pay extra tax in South Delhi — here’s why
Self-employed professionals such as doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and architects, those employed by private firms in South Delhi, and those with office spaces that fall under the South MCD’s jurisdiction, will now have to pay professional tax.
'Bears likely to make a comeback in USD/INR; deploy theta depreciating bear call spread'
The selling setup will remain intact until the currency pair is trading below Rs 75.25 per USD.
Investors got it right piling into Big Tech, but might need new catalysts to power stocks in August
The gaudy profits reported Apple, Amazon, and Facebook showed there was more than reckless speculation that drove tech stocks.
After two profitable quarters, UCO Bank ready to come out of PCA framework
In May 2017, the central bank had initiated PCA against the lender due to high non-performing assets and negative return on assets
Grafton Street: can it recover from the short, sharp shock of Covid-19?
With several big brands closing their doors, the street’s return to former glory days looks some way off
Decoupling US from China is rhetoric that’ll be hard to realize
The Trump administration has ratcheted up an attempt to
Khadi once helped India become independent, it can make us aatmanirbhar again
PM Modi’s ‘vocal for local’ plan greatly applies to India’s khadi industry — it is indigenous, eco-friendly, and can provide many jobs.
Reuben brothers have financial power to buy Newcastle outright – but seemingly not the desire
The brothers were part of the takeover bid of Newcastle United which collapsed earlier this week
Value stocks really may have lost their mojo this time — and growth stocks are gaining from it
A new study shows why value stocks may continue to struggle.
SA insurers’ offer in Covid claims fight too little too late for some
As the battle over the claims has dragged out, many small businesses, including restaurants have already collapsed.
P&G stable shares can give solid gains over long term
When we talk of Procter & Gamble, we have to look at their international website to get some pearls of wisdom relating to their employees. In 1887, before P&G was even a publicly traded company, William Cooper Procter introduced a profit-sharing programme for employees to let the employees share in the firm’s
Elon Musk: Chinese are “smart, hard working” while US has “much more complacency and entitlement”
China had helped Elon Musk last year to get around $1.5 billion in loans for Tesla's Shanghai factory. The local government had also supported the company to return to normalcy in operations after manufacturing was temporarily shut due to Covid pandemic.
Wall Street's top analysts say stocks like Qualcomm and Spotify have compelling upside potential
We used TipRanks analyst ranking service to pinpoint Wall Street's best-performing analysts.
Investors worry whether global markets have lost rally steam
Past weeks’ dramatic rebound seen stalling amid rising number of new COVID-19 infections
Resilient stocks to shine in dire earnings season
Among the companies expected to show they have fared well through the pandemic are resources-exposed stocks such as Alliance Aviation Services and healthcare company ResMed.
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